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Paws & Claws

In a lifetime we walk enough steps to take us around the world four times so it is important to take care of our hands and feet!!! At The Retreat we use Jessica Nails, Shellac, Minx

At The Retreat we offer a variety of cosmetic beauty treatment for the fingernails, toenails,hands and feet.

A Standard manicure/ pedicure

includes filing and shaping of the nails and the application of polish, but there are also speciality treatments.


A Paraffin treatment

is known for hydrating dry skin, opening the pores and increasing circulation to the hands. It helps retain the skin’s natural moisture and is especially beneficial in the winter months, when hands and heels tend to get dry and cracked. A paraffin treatment also can have therapeutic properties such as relieving sore muscles and joints, providing better range of motion in the hands and feet, easing the symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome, eczema, arthritis and other ailments.

Minx Nails

extends fashion to your fingertips!! Minx are flexible film veneers/coatings that are adhered perfectly to natural or enhanced nails through an infrared heat source. One veneer is applied to each finger or toe nail through a combination of heat and pressure. With Minx, there is no need for drying or risk of smudging. Minx will take your clients away from just nail art, and bring them into a world of pure design. There are a whole host of designs and colours to choose from so your clients can have fun going wild on cheetah designs or sexy choosing the ever popular fishnet designs or with whatever takes their fancy!

File & Paint €13.00

File & French Polish €15.00

Jessica Fingertip Treatment €23.00

Jessica Fingertip Treatment w/french polish €26.00

Jessica Spa Manicure w/hot mitts €30.00

Jessica Spa Manicure w/hot mitt & french polish €32.00

Paraffin Hand Treatment €35.00

Paraffin Hand Treatment w/french polish €38.00

File & Paint for Feet €15.00

File & French Polish for Feet €18.00

Jessica Toetip Treatment €28.00

Jessica Toetip Treatment w/french polish €30.00

Jessica Zen Spa Pedicure w/hot booties €40.00

Jessica Zen Spa Pedicure w/hot booties & french polish €43.00

Paraffin Foot Treatment €45.00

Paraffin Foot Treatment w/french polish €48.00

Shellac Hands / Feet €30.00

Removal of Shellac €10.00

Removal and Re-application €35.00

Minx €30.00

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